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Client Executive David Joyce Helps Clients Find IT Solutions to Boost Productivity

By admin on November 06th 2017

The business of IT is no longer just about keeping your business running. New technologies boost productivity, enable collaboration, minimize the latest cybersecurity threats, and present new ways to increase profitability. This isn’t just the advantage of large corporations. Small to medium sized businesses can leverage the power and economy that technology has to offer, but why not achieve those same ends while still focusing on what’s core to your organization? That’s exactly what IMP’s David Joyce, one of our Client Executives for Cloud and Managed IT Services, helps Atlantic Canadian businesses do on a daily basis.

Getting Small to Mid-Sized Businesses Big IT Services and Solutions

Because IT is more than just an operational function, cloud computing and managed IT services need to be far-thinking. Which business goals can IT solutions fulfill? How can smart IT budget planning position your business to get the greatest ROI? David’s familiarity with a wide-range of technical solutions and their real-world business applications shortens the time and effort it takes to finding the right fit.

He also takes existing IT solutions into consideration when making his recommendations. A mid-sized company with only an IT manager might benefit from desktop support, wireless network management, or security monitoring. On the other hand, a small business that cannot justify in-house IT might require a roadmap of the full scope of managed IT services. Regardless of the scenario, David works to ensure that small to mid-sized companies find cost-effective IT solutions that level the playing field with large enterprise.

His work is more than just leveraging the right tools; David ensures his clients have access to a wealth of knowledge and talent. “Most organizations cannot afford to hire an entire team of IT professionals with different skillsets and knowledge,” said David. “IT is not just keeping the lights on anymore. It’s protecting valuable data, access management, and maintaining connections to workloads from remote locations. That value add is one of the major reasons our clients choose a managed services model.”

By talking with business leaders throughout Atlantic Canada, Dave continues to gain insight into the most prevalent challenges facing small to medium businesses. With that, he can map out the best solutions that ensure the greatest productivity, uptime, and security.

What a Client Executive’s Insight Looks Like in Action

The results of Dave’s work varies from organization to organization. However, you can get a good sense of his achievements by his contributions to one Atlantic Canadian firm that is focused on increasing performance across its companies.

“Each company under the firm’s umbrella had its own unique IT environment. They were using different consultants, making it difficult to get a consistent level of performance across their businesses,” said David. “We were able to provide strategic direction, creating common environments for each company with the same IT and security standards.”

Before implementation, David worked to understand the firm’s objectives, the companies within the larger organization, how they connected, and how they were separate. Recognizing the firm’s desire to create consistency and continuity, he recommended tools like Microsoft Office365 for greater collaboration, cloud computing solutions for improved application performance, and managed network security to lower cyber threats.

Then, David brought in members of the technical pre-sales team to outline the scope of work and implement IT services and solutions across their companies. Through IMP Solutions’ combined efforts and ongoing collaboration, the client was able to make a smooth transition and create an easy-to-duplicate process for any companies they add in the future.

“In the past, our client was having issues with uptime and productivity. Now, we have implemented solutions that are delivering greater production,” said David. “In the end, our options are à la carte. Whatever our clients’ situations, we can evaluate those needs and provide IT services and solutions that do more than keep the lights on: they help achieve our clients’ business goals.”

Want to learn more about how David Joyce and the IMP Solutions team can help small to medium sized businesses achieve big business results? Contact us to find out!

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