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How Inside Sales Rep Kim Bartlett Makes IT Procurement Pain Free

By admin on January 29th 2018

When buying IT hardware and software at an enterprise level, it sometimes feels like answers get replaced by more questions. Which products are right for your business? Which are cost-effective without being cheap? Which will integrate best with your existing architecture? How do you install that technology without halting productivity or service if an error occurs? Just reading this list of questions is exhausting. Rather than struggling through the answers themselves, IMP Solutions’ customers trust Inside Sales Rep Kim Bartlett to provide the solution and make IT procurement a painless process.

Providing Healthcare Clients and Government Agencies with Quality IT Products

Many healthcare and provincial government organizations throughout Atlantic Canada benefit from Kim Bartlett’s work. They thrive in their roles because of the underlying IT hardware, software, and service solutions she roadmaps and actualizes using her product procurement skills. Kim manages to deliver high performance and industry compliance for organizations large and small without breaking the bank. That’s no small feat.

How does she do it? For starters, Kim draws upon a wealth of knowledge regarding IMP Solutions’ manufacturing partners and uses that diverse knowledge to find the right solution for her clients. In any areas that fall outside of her expertise, she has the entire IMP Solutions team to use as a resource.

“We all take ownership of IMP Solutions’ customers, whether we are interacting with them directly or not,” said Kim. “As a team, we collaborate, share our knowledge, and prevent silos from forming that would deny customers the best possible products and experience.”

That aspect of the IMP Solutions culture is especially beneficial as Kim rises to handle the various requests coming from her healthcare and provincial government customers. Additionally, the relationship that IMP Solutions maintains with manufacturers and vendors ensures that Kim and her fellow Inside Sales Reps stay up-to-date with the latest innovations in the industry.

“Each project presents new logistical challenges,” said Kim. “Information-sharing between inside and outside sales representatives ensures we overcome familiar challenges faster and streamline the hardware procurement process throughout its lifecycle.”

How Kim Bartlett Handles the Pitfalls of IT Procurement

The scope and target of each of Kim’s projects vary, but you can get a grasp of her contributions by reviewing one of her recent interactions with an Atlantic Canadian customer.

Her client was preparing to purchase a significant amount of IT hardware in a very strict timeline. Unfortunately, when the hardware arrived and they began the integration process, they realized that a recent tech change had caused incompatibility with their environment. In that moment, the customer turned to Kim and the IMP Solutions team, knowing that our tech experts were the best chance of averting a disaster.

Kim immediately got down to work, collaborating with the customer and manufacturer to have that custom equipment exchanged for a comparable technical replacement at no extra cost. That required relocating assets, conducting triage among each of the customer’s departments to determine their immediate need, and ensuring that the rollout happened without any setbacks. The inventory of replacements was swapped out for the custom built units, all without any downtime or disruption. Kim’s work in this case and others like it made hardware procurement effortless – even when panic might have unsettled a less experienced professional.

“You want customers to walk away from an interaction feeling truly valued. Our work makes them confident that IMP Solutions is their IT provider,” said Kim. “The customer experience is always top of mind for every client and situation.”

Want to learn more about how Kim Bartlett and others can improve your procurement process? Reach out to us on our product procurement page.

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