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How to Manage Your Business Data without Breaking the Bank

By admin on July 12th 2018

Data is only as good as the way it is used. Are gigabytes of data on medical treatment and healthcare facilities contributing to public health if they are unreachable? Can government agencies improve services and maximize tax payer dollars if data is difficult to access? Even small businesses depend upon the availability of data on customer preferences, internal processes, and other factors to enhance their products and services.

Performing at your best requires all of your team members to access data with flawless reliability. Cloud data storage is increasingly the standard for delivering that reliability, but many decision makers struggle to find balance between enterprise performance and cost-effectiveness. Yet delaying too long risks falling behind further.

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Look at cloud spending in Canada and worldwide for the proof. In 2016, Canadian businesses spent $2.3 billion on cloud storage and services. That amount is expected to more than double to $5.5 billion by 2020. And that’s only a fraction of the anticipated increase in global cloud spending, which is expected to hit $226 billion by 2021. That surge in investment makes secure cloud solutions a more fundamental part of business sustainability. 

How do businesses go about choosing cloud storage services that extend the power of their dollar? By thinking about cloud services from a holistic standpoint. Throughout the entire process, there are numerous ways to trim overall costs and ensure that IT budgets do not get consumed in the blink of an eye.

In our experience, Atlantic Canadian businesses that effectively manage business data and control their costs are those that expertly answer all of the following questions:

  • Which features and functionality align with your business goals and which are less important?
  • What hidden costs can be cut from cloud expenses?
  • What are some of the more common cloud migration roadblocks?
  • How do you cost-effectively keep cloud solutions running when your solution is in place?  

For those unfamiliar with the cloud, the right answers might not be apparent. That’s why we recommend reading our eBook, How to Manage Your Business Data without Breaking the Bank, before you begin the cloud selection, implementation, and maintenance process. We frame all of the important questions necessary for successful cloud expense management in an easy-to-understand way, condensing our subject matter expertise into streamlined points.


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