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How to Maximize Your Investment in Microsoft Office 365 Business

By admin on July 12th 2018

Think of Microsoft Office 365 as a multi-tool, combining several individual functions into a single enterprise mechanism. Like any multi-tool, there are always a few components that you are a little fuzzy on how to operate, but when you figure them out, they’re a godsend. For Office 365, there are a number of features that get overlooked yet have the potential to increase the collaboration and improve the performance of your employees. Since implementations needs support from the top down, here are several features within the Microsoft Office 365 Business Suite that you need to know about so you can enable your team to achieve their best.


Using the version of SharePoint on Microsoft Office 365 is a much smoother experience. All of the installation and configuration expected from on-premises versions of SharePoint are unnecessary. You simply need to add users’ accounts in the Office 365 admin center and they’ll have the full functionality you’ve set aside for them. Once set up is done, adding and accessing data from across your intranet is a snap.

Beyond the streamlined setup, SharePoint on Office 365 Business Essentials or Premium unchains your employees from your network. They can access SharePoint from any device, collaborating on projects and discovering necessary files in a quick and efficient way. The security built into SharePoint 365 makes it easier to manage remote workers and oversee data loss prevention to block files from falling into the wrong hands. Plus, it’s easier to communicate with big groups, automate routine business workflows, and integrate with other Office 365 features.

Skype for Business

Your employees communicate through different channels depending on their age and personal preferences. That has always posed some difficulty for creating continuity across regular internal communications. Yet with Skype for Business, Atlantic Canadian companies get the benefit of multiple communication methods condensed into one platform. And that’s just the start.

Skype for Business speeds up communication while also minimizing security risks. We’ve seen cybercriminals spoof client or vendor email addresses through some pretty simple tricks, pulling off Office 365 email hacks that cost businesses millions of dollars. Shifting the main form of communication to Skype for Business provides enterprise-grade security and essentially eliminates any of the sleight of hand deception that hackers have long used. The fact that your business can pay a relatively low monthly fee per user makes the solution even more appealing.

Microsoft Teams

How your team contributes to projects determines their success. When employees are switching back and forth between platforms and communication channels, searching for the answer to their questions or the thread of an idea, projects fall shy of their full efficiency. With Microsoft Teams, Office 365’s cloud-based chat application, Atlantic Canadian companies can save time and approve team agility in workspaces that are increasingly competitive. 

The greatest benefit from Microsoft Teams is the ability to make workflows more steady and transparent. Rather than switching between apps, your employees can stay engaged in an ongoing conversation that keeps messages, Microsoft documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.), and voice and video calls all in one place.

The Biggest Way the Microsoft Office 365 Business Suite Maximizes Your Investment

With all of these amazing features, one of the most important ways that Microsoft Office 365 maximizes your investment is through its customization. Your business only pays for the features you use and the number of accounts using them from month to month.

How do you determine which Office 365 features are right for your business? Get your cloud readiness assessment to find out and maximize the performance of your team.