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How to Overcome the Latest Cybersecurity Threats to Businesses

By admin on January 18th 2017

Cybercrime is now a permanent menace to global businesses. Worldwide data breaches in 2016 are predicted to surpass last year’s by 100 instances and only 18 percent of businesses are even investing in security planning. More than ever, cybersecurity threats to businesses dictate the way leadership handles the implementation of IT resources and how employees interact with those technologies.

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IMP Solutions is providing a guide to help Canadian companies navigate the constantly evolving cybersecurity threats to businesses with our eBook How to Fight the Biggest Cyber Security Threats to Your Business and Win. This eBook presents some sobering statistics on the costs of cybersecurity threats, including a study published by Malwarebytes that found that nearly 50% of all businesses were hit with Ransomware in 2016. This data is important to know as the rewards for hackers stealing data or compromising systems becomes increasingly lucrative.

The good news is that the tools and strategies to counter the evolving cybersecurity threats we outline in our eBook have also made some dramatic leaps forward in recent years. Next generation firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, secure cloud solutions, and anti-Malware products are becoming increasingly intelligent and integrated. These tools are particularly good at allowing organizations to define a variety of protections matched to their own risks and environment to help create their own IT security balance.

The correct response to managing these threats is through a solid risk-based approach to security that ensures that each organization responds appropriately to the actual and specific threats and risks facing them. This balance of risk acceptance and security effort is different for every business, often requiring the combined knowledge of trained IT service professionals to execute efficiently.

However you choose to protect your organization, we certainly recommend giving How to Fight the Biggest Cyber Security Threats to Your Business and Win a read. It’s an interesting update on many of the greatest cybersecurity threats to businesses and the strategies that keep them at bay.