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Make Your IT Effortless with IMP Customer Site Manager Derrick Smith

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Most companies find that implementing game-changing technology on their own is no picnic. Having a destination in mind doesn’t mean the road will rise up to meet them. Instead, most find themselves on a journey filled with complications well outside of their control. Yet to reach their Emerald City, businesses need to follow the Yellow Brick Road without getting lost or taking costly detours in the process.

Atlantic Canadian businesses working with IMP Solutions find their way to world class technology with fewer hang-ups and headaches. What’s their secret? People like Customer Site Manager Derrick Smith find the precise solution for their businesses and make them a reality.

How a Customer Site Manager Simplifies IT Operations

What does a Customer Site Manager do? In a nut shell, Derrick Smith acts as an IT manager for small to midsized businesses throughout Atlantic Canada. Previous experience in the corporate IT world gives him a thousand foot perspective that helps deliver the big picture while his former life in field tech helps him coordinate projects beyond ground level road blocks. Basically, planning, delivery, and reporting for any and all IT business solutions is his specialty.

Moreover, it’s his guidance that gets all of the moving parts to work together. As the IT manager for his clients, Derrick is a familiar face and presence. He treats regular site visits as opportunities to build face-to-face bonds, provide thorough reports, and be proactive about maximizing the outcomes of their managed IT services.

“My goal is to be the voice of every one of IMP’s customers,” says Derrick. “Whenever our clients have technical issues, I want to provide a solution.” Whether that issue is mentioned during an on-site visit or in an escalation email that hits his inbox, Derrick works to accelerate managed IT service fixes to get performance back to normal.

Yet his work isn’t just reactive. As a Customer Site Manager, he thinks about the ways new technology achieves long-term goals and elicits better ROIs. How that work manifests depends on which solutions best benefit each individual client.

There’s no one-size-fits-all strategy. One client may benefit from a hardware refresh, so Derrick will handle the quotes, create timelines, organize the delivery team, and address emerging challenges. Another might need complete IT road mapping from an organizational standpoint, so he’ll investigate technologies, report the best fit, coordinate delivery, and communicate changes. Whatever needs to be done to get from A to Z, Derrick does it.  

What Derrick’s Handiwork Does for Atlantic Canadian Businesses

One local company just experienced the value of a Customer Site Manager first-hand. In the midst of a multimillion dollar project, they were thinking down the road about IT security. A secure network connection was essential for workers to transfer files to the head office yet the client still wanted to allow guests to access Wi-Fi. With cybercrime at an all-time high, security solutions that prevent breaches were front of mind for them.

Since he’s directly involved in their managed IT services, Derrick proposed a best-in-class firewall appliance that encouraged cybersecurity best practices on remote sites but still enabled quick connections on guest wireless services. Seeing the solution as a smart investment, the client approved. Then, Derrick took that gauntlet and ran with it.

After the meeting, he began to coordinate with members of the IMP team about the proposal, outlining the firewall project road map at a high level. Then, he procured quotes for comprehensive firewall products and the related labor, devised the statement of work, and presented them at a client meeting to address questions before the project kickoff.

Once clear and complete project details were defined, Derrick regularly checked in with the delivery team as they implemented the firewall in the client’s corporate office and one of the early remote sites. Along the way, he proactively identified obstacles and acted as an intermediary between the client and his team. Transparency in updates kept the client informed, but otherwise they trusted their technical deliverables in Derrick’s hands.  

Now that the initial projects are completed, the IMP Solutions team is duplicating the same results across their other remote sites. Much of the thanks goes to the value and energy that a Customer Site Manager like Derrick Smith brings to the table.

“In my previous life, I spoke with people all over the world and travelled to build relationships in person. With IMP Solutions, I love connecting with local businesses and vendor partners face-to-face,” says Derrick. “Using strong relationships and my experience as a field tech helps me to learn quickly what people want and understand which technical solutions will fill the gap in client systems. From there, I’ll do everything in my power to see a return on investment.”

Want big picture thinkers like Derrick Smith overseeing the delivery and evolution of your IT solutions? Contact us to find out how our managed IT services deliver world class results.  

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Make Your IT Effortless with IMP Customer Site Manager Derrick Smith