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Three Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Outsourced IT Support

By admin on January 08th 2018

Your business is unlikely to achieve peak performance if IT only ever functions as a group of high-tech janitors. The current generation of enterprise technology tools goes beyond giving employees tidy platforms to do their work. Instead, they provide the means to expand capabilities, increase output, and produce higher revenue for your business.

The range of enterprise IT options puts Atlantic Canadian businesses in a position where, if they want to thrive, they need to harness the knowledge of numerous SMEs. Rather than hiring an internal team of tech experts, companies are spending less and achieving greater productivity by working with outsourced IT support. If you want to get an even greater ROI from the partnership, we find it’s important to employ the following tactics as you work with your managed IT team.

1. Discuss Your Long-Term Goals

How your business achieves its long-term goals is almost as important as the goals themselves. Enterprise technology can be the differentiator to quickly and efficiently hit objectives and increase deliverability. Yet it can be difficult to harness the right technologies if your outsourced IT support partner is unaware of what your goals are and why they matter to your primary purpose.

Let’s say your business is looking to cut internal costs without negatively impacting the performance of your employees. Discussing this objective with your outsourced technical support team early in the process can have great significance. Your IT outsourcing team can do a cost-comparison of different technologies in your infrastructure to identify more economical choices. They could also train your employees on how to use Microsoft Office 365 tools like PowerBI to visualize interactive data and leverage reports faster. Plus, IT budget planning with your objectives in mind can do an even more effective job of lowering your overall expenses.

2. Outline Your Priorities and Sensitive Data

Cybersecurity threats to businesses evolve in an instant and your business needs a full-time team of SMEs to keep the spectrum of risks at bay. Yet more than just shifting tactics to defend against emerging and expanding attack patterns, your Managed Services Provider (MSP) partnership can create more purposeful protections around your most valuable and sensitive data.

For example, encryption provides a layer of cybersecurity that is immensely difficult for hackers to break. However, encrypting all of your data and systems would be impractical and chances slowing down operations. Discussing with your outsourced IT support team the files and programs that need restricted access and who needs to have the key narrows the risk of hackers getting their hands on that data.

3. Create a Partner Rather than a Replacement

We find that some companies are reluctant to kick off a MSP model for their IT because they already have an IT manager or small IT team in place. In those instances, the greatest value might not be in outsourcing IT completely, but in determining which functions are better kept internal and which can be seamlessly handled by outsourced IT support. The following questions can help sort out the two categories and maximize the ROI of your internal IT team:

  • What IT solutions are central to your business? Proprietary technology or complex solutions pioneered by your team can be kept internally. The experts are already homegrown and the work is often central to your day to day operations. In those instances, managed IT team can handle the range of other technical solutions while your team can focus on maintaining those priorities.
  • What are your current strengths? With the diverse array of technologies on the market, it’s expensive to hire SMEs in every discipline. Making an honest assessment of where your team already excels and where you need to close the gap can determine which projects can be given to a managed IT service team rather than trying to ramp up the knowledge set with your own internal people.

Finding Outsourced IT Support That Grasps Your Business

Getting the greatest ROI out of your outsourced technical support comes down to having a firm understanding between you and your managed partner. When they understand your industry, your business, your local challenges, and your culture, it’s easier to integrate outsourced IT with the rest of your team. Contact the IMP Solutions team to find out how our team of Atlantic Canadian IT experts can augment your business.

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