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The Top 4 Budget Savings You Get from an IT Outsourcing Partner

By admin on January 16th 2018

Lean manufacturing expert Shigeo Shingo once said, “the most dangerous kind of waste is the waste we do not recognize,” and his words might as well have been about IT budget planning. Too often, opportunities to reduce IT expenses go overlooked without the IT expertise to decode the ROI of current costs and compare them to alternative solutions. Our managed IT SMEs are experienced in finding the most cost-effective solution based on existing budget and desired performance. With that knowledge in hand, we have assembled a list of four situations where IT outsourcing savings beat those of in-house operations.

1.) User Support

IT end user support has been the vanguard of outsourced IT offerings. The potential for decreasing internal support staff and reducing labor costs has long appealed to companies looking to streamline their budgets. However, some businesses still maintain in-house staff for the purpose of troubleshooting and solving user errors, which is always more expensive than working with an outsourced partner.

Compare the cost of IT outsourcing to what our clients spend on in-house services. Our high quality, local IT support is routinely 15% lower than what clients pay for internal teams. Plus, by outsourcing technical support, any internal IT employees are able to focus on enhancing core business functions and increasing gross margin.

2.) Network Administration

Managing a network infrastructure no longer requires a dedicated person to work on-site. Cloud managed wireless access outperforms the traditional wireless local area network (WLAN) in almost every way. An outsourced IT provider can deploy, monitor, update, and maintain your network from a remote location.

Better yet, many of the devices you would use on-site are programmed to automatically connect, register themselves with the network, and load up all configurations from the web. Plus, it is easy for an outsourced IT team to set up automatic alerts that keep them aware of bugs, potential threats, and concerns to the network. All of these automatic processes mean less time spent on network administration and budgets that shrink to a more manageable amount.

3.)  Cybersecurity

According to Deloitte’s 2016 Global Outsourcing Survey, though 73% of companies “consider cyber risks during the outsourcing process, most see outsourcing as part of their cyber risk solution.” The reason being is that working with a managed IT service team is now the most cost-effective way to mitigate the greatest number and variety of possible data breaches.

Consider this: cybersecurity threats to businesses are diversifying and increasing in sophistication, making it impossible for any single person to have a panoramic view of all potential hazards. With the average cybersecurity salary at $88,082, most companies cannot afford to hire the number of professionals needed to mitigate cyberattacks in a potent way. However, managed service providers can hire more cybersecurity professionals because they keep their costs low by applying expertise across a number of different accounts.

4.) Data Backup and Recovery

Business continuity needs to be an expedited process with as little chance for expensive disruption as possible. Putting data backup and recovery in the hands of a managed service provider entrusts that continuity to an organization that is experienced with creating a comprehensive recovery plan. By acquiring that expertise, your business is better equipped to anticipate disasters and respond to them in a methodical and thorough way.

Our own data recovery specialists often save clients money by using Azure Site Recovery to minimize the cost to replicate data and even provide a seamless transition to backup servers for as long as they are needed. Awareness of these and similar tools help make IT outsourcing cost savings more significant.

Getting Your Full IT Outsourcing Savings

With the variety of different infrastructures and technology suites implemented within businesses, there are a range of other cost savings available by outsourcing IT. Working closely with outsourced IT support can help determine which parts of your tech budget can be diverted to other programs and projects without impacting the quality of your IT.

Want to learn how IMP Solutions can save your business 15% on IT solutions? Contact us to begin evaluating your greatest opportunities for budget reduction.

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