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Why Azure Site Recovery is Your Safest and Smartest Choice for Business Continuity

By admin on March 01st 2017

The dilemmas that keep a small to midsized business owner up at night usually differ from the things that torment the regional director of a global enterprise. Very few complications impact companies across industries, regions, and operational size the same way. That is with one stark exception: server outages.

You can probably picture it now. The scene of pandemonium and operational standstill after an unprotected server crashes (by hardware failure, power blackout, or act of god) is a living nightmare for business leaders everywhere. Appropriately, there is now a solution that defends against outages with near universal effectiveness. It’s Microsoft’s Azure Site Recovery.

No matter your size, structure, or industry, your IT disaster recovery plan will benefit from Azure Site Recovery. It enables business continuity for many major systems in your organization, simply and cost-effectively. Here’s how just about any business can benefit from this type of proactive data recovery solution.

1.) Get Started with Little Upfront Cost

Physical backups for your servers and data have steep upfront costs. Investing in the appliance, hiring contractors or using labor hours for setup, maintaining temperature controls, and servicing the equipment takes a large bite out of your IT budget. Even virtual machines, which at times have a comparable upfront cost but lower long-term costs, surpass the price associated with your Azure Site Recovery solution.

The cost of replicating to the cloud with Azure Site Recovery is essentially nonexistent. Backup of your servers and data using Azure Site Recovery is free for 31 days and then starts from $30.40 per server thereafter. With the click of a button, all of your data is uploaded and you get the security and reliability of Microsoft Azure with a 99.9% uptime SLA.

2.) The Widest Protected Range of Enterprise Applications

Most businesses are a patchwork quilt of IT solutions. You rarely see companies that are single vendor shops these days. Frankly, that’s a good thing. Hybrid cloud solutions often provide more effective functionality because they are scaled and tailored to your business. The last thing you want is for your cloud solution to reject the storage products you already use.

Azure Site Recovery currently boasts the widest range of compatible enterprise applications. Physical servers running Windows or Linux, Hyper-V virtual machines, and VMware virtual machines are all easily uploaded and run on the cloud in the event of any size outage. The storage is app-agnostic, meaning any workload running on the above supported machines is guaranteed to replicate without fail.  

3.) Running Failover Tests is Smooth

Taking the integrity of your business continuity solutions on faith is a risky prospect. Plenty of backup solutions that aren’t properly implemented might appear to have a sturdy exterior but can be knocked down with little more than a swift kick to the system. For that reason, the ability to test and retest your business continuity is absolutely indispensable.

Traditionally, you would have to spin up another data center identical to yours elsewhere to test the stability of your backup and recovery solutions. The process takes time, is quite costly, and may interrupt business as usual. However, Azure Site Recovery can simulate an entire system failover without impacting your system. That way, if you want to satisfy your peace of mind or prove your business fulfills regulatory backup compliance, the integrity of your entire environment can be verified without inconveniencing you.

4.) The Most Economical Choice Out There 

The Project Management Triangle says any project can only choose two out of these three: good, fast, and cheap. For plenty of recovery solutions, that might be true, but Azure Site Recovery demolishes the triangle. It provides reliable and fast backup and recovery solutions for an inexpensive price tag.

When you migrate your servers to the Azure cloud, you only pay for what you use. If you only use the Azure Backup protection, your cost can be as little as $0.03 per Gigabyte. In the event of an outage that requires you to temporarily host servers on the Azure cloud, your data will be secured by their encryption. Moreover, you only need to pay for their scalable cloud services while using it, allowing you to revert to on-site storage once the hardware has been repaired or replaced or, if you want, continue using their security and speed indefinitely.

Make Your Start with Azure Site Recovery Even Easier

The security, minimal cost, and comprehensive protection makes implementing Azure Site Recovery one of the easiest decisions you’ll ever make. Better yet, the implementation can be made even easier if your business uses the help of a managed service provider to help with your migration and maintenance.

IMP Solutions provides disaster recovery solutions that ensure your worst fears are put to rest. Contact us today to get a free disaster recovery assessment and see how Azure Site Recovery and other solutions make your IT hassle free.