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IWK - Using Mobile Technology to Improve Patient Care

By admin on May 01st 2015

The iCare Adventure game is designed to support children and their families while they wait for medical attention in the Emergency room setting. IMP Solutions provided project management support, partnering with EverAge Consulting and the IWK Hospital in Halifax to help complete the design, build and deployment of iCare Adventure. The app collects valuable real-time information about patient’s health condition and their experience and satisfaction with the care they are receiving.


iCare Adventure includes an interactive robot named “Reeti” that will serve as a bridge between the virtual world of the game and the reality of the waiting room. Mounted on the wall beside the TV screen Reeti will, upon each child’s turn, send a message to the child’s ipad asking them to come and meet him. Through the child’s interaction with ‘Reeti” the robot will reinforce coping skills that are introduced through the iCare game.

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