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Aerospace & Defence

Interested in Aerospace & Defence ?

Single source of IT for the Aerospace & Defence (A&D) Industries.

The Sky Is Not the Limit

Solutions that think big. Our team offers industry-leading technical expertise on A&D projects in partnership with IMP Group and other leading contractors.

Challenges We Overcome 

  • Implementing complex IT systems for new or existing programs
  • Supporting critical systems with tools and processes to satisfy regulatory requirements
  • Providing IT expertise with aerospace & defense experience

Our Solutions

Project & Maintenance Management 

Planning, Program and Project Consulting services that incorporates Business Analytics and Change Management.

Electronic Record System Implementation

From developing the Airworthiness Acceptance Plan through to data conversion, rollout and training, we can make your Electronic Record Keeping System implementation a success.

Software Development

Custom business applications analysis, design and build, integration development using API's or custom built interfaces, and augmenting in-house development teams in support of project delivery.

Business Intelligence Software

Utilizing standardized and custom ETL or data mining processes to leverage Electronic Record Keeping System and supporting systems to reduce costs, increase availability, and improve airworthiness.

In-Service Support Sustainment

Dedicated IT team with two decades experience in a military air force maintenance environment that offers long term In-Service Support.

Collaborative Environment Development

Developing and supporting flexible solutions to ensure streamlined collaboration and business functions between industry and the Government of Canada, using COTS or custom software.

Electronic Data Exchange Development

Facilitating data exchange with the Government of Canada using provided API's or custom-built solutions.

Health and Usage Monitoring 

Developing custom acquisition and data processing of aircraft Health & Usage Monitoring Systems data with streamlined integrations to maintenance management and engineering systems.

Fleet Planning Software Development

Tailored Fleet Management and Fleet Planning software to optimize fleet maintenance schedules to meet program KPIs.

A Team of Problem Solvers 

Our dedicated Aerospace & Defence team has a broad set of skills from Project Management, to DevOps, to Software Engineering. Leveraging the extensive and industry-diverse technology specialists within IMP Solutions to provide industry and technical expertise, the team works with Agile, Waterfall and Systems Engineering approaches.

IMP Solutions has provided specialized Aerospace & Defence services for over 20 years, building on over 50 years of Aerospace & Defence experience provided by other IMP Group divisions.

*Our team holds security clearances required to work with the Canadian Department of National Defence. 

What Our Clients Say

"It is always a pleasure to work with the IMP solutions team. The professionalism and experience of the IMP solutions team, combined with their knowledge of our aerospace requirements, mean that they consistently bring innovative and achievable options to support our program and Canada’s search and rescue mission."