IMP Solutions
June 21, 2017
Make Your IT Effortless with IMP Customer Site Manager Derrick Smith

Most companies find that implementing game-changing technology on their own is no picnic. Having a destination in mind doesn’t mean the road will rise up to meet them. Instead, most find themselves on a journey filled with complications well outside of their control. Yet to reach their Emerald City, businesses need to follow the Yellow Brick Road without getting lost or taking costly detours...

David Lachance
June 19, 2017
IT Budget Planning: Getting More for Less

Stand on the shoulders of giants and you’ll see further horizons. At the elevation of enterprise technology, that means leaping challenges in a single bound. But does your business have the capital to maximize the potential? That’s the question for many small to mid-sized Atlantic Canadian businesses.

Growing numbers of businesses want to be responsive to innovation. ...

Jeremy Agnew
May 31, 2017
Identity Access Management: How to Lower Risks to Your Business Data

Who has access to your sensitive business data? Odds are good someone who shouldn’t. Forrester finds that 80% of cybersecurity breaches involve access to privileged credentials. If too many people had access to the vaults of the Royal Canadian Mint, it...

Jeremy Agnew
May 15, 2017
Why Cloud Managed Wireless Access Is the Future of Enterprise Wi-Fi

Moving to the cloud continues to accelerate the growth of IT infrastructures for Atlantic Canadian businesses. However, some legacy IT components remain in common use as “living fossils,” functional but not evolving to the necessary next level. At least ...

Anthony Fear
May 1, 2017
How Cloud Data Center Security Protects Against Breaches

Conventional wisdom once asserted that sensitive or mission-critical data was unprotected on the cloud. Unless Atlantic Canadian businesses hosted their own data center or used Tier 4 data colocation data services, getting effective security was a gamble. The lack of transparency about cloud data center security in the early days made it unclear if providers were prepared for or vulnerable to...

Jeremy Agnew
March 27, 2017
How Your Business Can Prevent Denial of Service Attacks

Cybercriminals have any number of agendas in mind when targeting systems or web servers for a denial of service attack. Extortion, corporate turf wars, protest actions, distracting you from other more surreptitious attacks, or even just boredom motivated plenty of hackers to assault large-scale targets. Here’s the hard truth. There is no static solution that is going to prevent denial of...