Jeremy Agnew
March 12, 2018
How an Office365 Email Hack Cost Millions (and How You Can Avoid the Same Fate)

Imagine you’ve just made a million-dollar investment in your business. You’ve done your research and are convinced this is the right investment to take your business to the next level. Yet something is bothering you about your last few emails. Why did the investment company change the banking details at the last minute? And why have some of the key people in the deal not weighed in on those...

Kent Ellefsen
March 5, 2018
What to Look for When Choosing Cloud Storage Services

Your data is being underutilized if it is kept in on-site storage. Cloud storage provides greater accessibility and performance at a fraction of the cost. Unfortunately, when you make the decision to shop for cloud solutions, there isn’t a physical showroom to visit and test your options. Even online, it’s difficult to spin up cloud-based storage and metaphorically “kick the tires.” However,...

IMP Solutions
February 27, 2018
IMP Solutions Cultivates Leadership as They Grow Their IT Services

Atlantic Canadian Managed IT Services and Cloud Solutions Provider Promotes and Adds New Leadership

Halifax, NS, Canada – IMP Solutions, a division of IMP Group dedicated to providing world-class managed IT services and cloud solutions in Atlantic Canada, is growing and evolving their leadership team to continue fulfilling customers’ business and technology...

Dan Bergman
February 12, 2018
How to Manage Remote Workers for Superior Team Performance

Should you let employees work from home? At least 86% of professionals prefer to work alone to hit maximum productivity and telecommuting presents them with that opportunity. Remote work also offers employees more job flexibility, a perk that is growing in demand for...

IMP Solutions
January 29, 2018
How Inside Sales Rep Kim Bartlett Makes Procurement Pain Free

When buying IT hardware and software at an enterprise level, it sometimes feels like answers get replaced by more questions. Which products are right for your business? Which are cost-effective without being cheap? Which will integrate best with your existing architecture? How do you install that technology without halting productivity or service if an error occurs? Just reading this list of...

Kent Ellefsen
January 16, 2018
The Top 4 Budget Savings You Get from an IT Outsourcing Partner

Lean manufacturing expert Shigeo Shingo once said, “the most dangerous kind of waste is the waste we do not recognize,” and his words might as well have been about IT budget planning. Too often, opportunities to reduce IT expenses go overlooked without the IT expertise to decode the ROI...