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Cyber Breach Remediation Services


Interested in Cyber Breach Remediation Services?

A dedicated team to help you prepare for and respond to cybersecurity incidents.

Organizations are actively implementing robust solutions and processes to safeguard against cyber criminals. However, the significance of a comprehensive recovery strategy cannot be overstated, as it is necessary for promptly responding to any potential cyber breach. Trusted organizations, such as Gartner, are urging customers to have a recovery plan because it's not a matter of if, but when their organization will be the victim of a cyber-attack.

With Canadian companies facing an average downtime of 24 days in the aftermath of a cyber breach, the urgency to act cannot be underestimated. By leveraging the expertise of our dedicated Cyber Remediation team, we possess the capability to efficiently restore operations within your organization. Our seasoned professionals, equipped with established recovery and rebuild playbooks, are committed to getting your systems back on track and minimizing any disruptive consequences.

Our Solutions

Cyber Recovery Readiness Assessment (CRRA)

  • Review Current State of Cyber Security posture
  • Security Controls Gap Identification and Recommendations
  • High level Ransomware Incident Response Playbook (Prioritized systems and services, key stakeholders)

Cybersecurity Awareness Training

  • 90%+ of breaches are caused by employee error
  • On-going training campaign to educate and enhance employees understanding of cybersecurity best practice

Security Assessments

  • Vulnerability Assessments, Penetration Testing, Technical Compliance Review, Threat Risk Assessments.

Cyber Breach Restoration and Rebuild – Full Service

  • Restoration Team deployment
  • War Room Lead, Infrastructure Lead, Network Lead
  • System Rebuild
  • Data Recovery and Restoration

Cyber Breach Restoration and Rebuild – Ad hoc Services

  • Network, Cloud, Infrastructure, and Desktop services as needed.