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How Inside Sales Rep Kim Bartlett Makes IT Procurement Pain Free


When buying IT hardware and software at an enterprise level, it sometimes feels like answers get replaced by more questions. Which products are right for your business? Which are cost-effective without being cheap? Which will integrate best with your existing architecture? How do you install that technology without halting productivity or service if an error occurs? Just reading this list of questions is exhausting. Category Blog

The Top 4 Budget Savings You Get from an IT Outsourcing Partner


Lean manufacturing expert Shigeo Shingo once said, “the most dangerous kind of waste is the waste we do not recognize,” and his words might as well have been about IT budget planning. Too often, opportunities to reduce IT expenses go overlooked without the IT expertise to decode the ROI of current costs and compare them to alternative solutions. Category Blog

Three Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Outsourced IT Support


Your business is unlikely to achieve peak performance if IT only ever functions as a group of high-tech janitors. The current generation of enterprise technology tools goes beyond giving employees tidy platforms to do their work. Instead, they provide the means to expand capabilities, increase output, and produce higher revenue for your business.

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A Night of Music and Memories at the Seventh Annual IMP Songwriter’s Circle


The Winter Holidays are a time of togetherness when we show our appreciation for the people and communities that give us so much. Though everyone is understandably busy with family, friends, and their day jobs, our IMP Solutions team makes it a priority to gather our employees, vendor partners, clients, and their guests for a night appreciating their contributions to our success and showing our pride as a Maritime business. With that goal in mind, the Seventh Annual Songwriter’s Circle was a huge success.

A Night of Good Fun, Great Music, and Amazing Company

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IMP Solutions Becomes a Microsoft Authorized Education Partner


IMP Solutions earns distinction through commitment to academic customers.

Halifax, NS, Canada — December, 5, 2017 – Today IMP Solutions announced it has become a Microsoft Authorized Education Partner (AEP), demonstrating its ability to meet Microsoft academic customers’ evolving needs in today’s dynamic business environment. To earn a Microsoft AEP authorization, partners must complete a test to prove their level of academic licensing and market expertise satisfies the high standard required in academic environments.

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IMP Solutions Raises Funds for Cancer Research at 2017 Light the Night Walk


Cancer leaves few lives untouched. We all know someone who has battled or continues to battle the disease. Doctors and researchers are working toward a cure, but the medical community cannot win that fight alone. All of the innovative and life-saving blood cancer research performed by the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada (LLSC) requires the support of everyday Atlantic Canadians so it can continue to evolve and thrive. For that reason, Team IMP Solutions was proud to actively participate in the Halifax LLSC 2017 Light the Night Walk.

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How Cecil’s 8th Birthday Party Shut Down Atlantic Canada


Cecil’s Mum and Dad just remembered his birthday is in a few days and want him to have some invitations to pass out at school. Who hasn’t used the work printer for that very purpose? They designed the invite at home, uploaded the file onto a flash drive, and Dad plugged it into his USB port at work. At that moment, a message popped up on his computer screen, every other screen in the office, and all the computers in his company’s Atlantic Canadian operations. It says all their files will remain encrypted until a ransom is paid and a timer is ticking down. Category Blog

Client Executive David Joyce Helps Clients Find IT Solutions to Boost Productivity


The business of IT is no longer just about keeping your business running. New technologies boost productivity, enable collaboration, minimize the latest cybersecurity threats, and present new ways to increase profitability. This isn’t just the advantage of large corporations. Small to medium sized businesses can leverage the power and economy that technology has to offer, but why not achieve those same ends while still focusing on what’s core to your organization? Category Blog